Test page for rich snippets

page written by [schema type=”person” name=”Kat Lane” ]


[schema type=”product” url=”www.moonfleetonline.co.uk” name=”tyrxiop” description=”still in beta” brand=”Brand1″ manfu=”Manaufacturer2″ model=”Model3″ prod_id=”IDtyrxiop” price=”$2.00″ condition=”Refurbished” ]

This page is just to test out rich snippet plug ins.

The site does not sell products but as an example, let’s offer a tyrxiop at £2.00.

I have included rich snippets for both an event and my fictiticious product.[schema type=”event” evtype=”BusinessEvent” url=”www.atracks.co.uk” name=”tyrxiopTraining event” description=”Web analytics training online training event” sdate=”2013-04-01″ city=”Ringwood” country=”GB” ]