The basic resource of every family historian

Civil records

Whatever your interest in researching your family history, very quickly records become the source for finding new information.  They provide a glimpse into the world in which our ancestors lived – their religious lives, their dealings with the law, and many have also left records of social interactions.

Records are the resources from which much family history depends.  The range of records that still exist is vast ranging from birth, marriage and burial records held in local parish churches, to the myriad of legal documents that have survived and to the amazing resource of the census records.  It is the uploading of census records onto the internet, with its intrinsically easy searchability, that has opened up the study of family history and genealogy to anyone with a computer and the time and interest to start researching.

Newspaper records

Newspapers records can provide context into the lives of ancestors. Quite minor instances are sometimes reported and the power of the internet search is allowing the most obscure pieces of intormation to come to light

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