History in the context of Family amd House History

One of the things that makes  the study of family and house history so interesting is that it helps to put people into the context of events that were happening to them.

The aim of this section is to look at some of the events that are particularly pertinent to either family or house history studies.

This can be very illuminating when attempting to understand why people did what they did.  The industrial revolution resulted in hundreds of thousands leaving the countryside for a better life – they hoped – in the rapidly expanding towns.  The highland clearances left crofters with little option but to move.  Likewise the Irish famines of the mid nineteenth century gave little choice to many but to emigrate. Changes in taxation resulted in people changing how they earned their living, just as it does today.

Throughout history, the politics, the economic climate, religion and many other factors have all helped to shape why our ancestors did what they did and lived where they lived.

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